Online relevancy can often mean make-or-break for your business' online presence. This presence can often be overshadowed by fierce local competitors and widely available international alternatives. Your web marketing strategy will allow your business to efficiently enrich its online audience.

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Your Web business, hand in hand

Montreal Web Design

As a customer-focused Web agency providing its customers with personalized Web Solutions, Baracci Solutions has established itself as an industry leader, creating tailored Web Solutions since 2003. Situated in Laval, Baracci Solutions has customers in Montreal, across Canada, throughout the USA and around the World.

Our portfolio is proof of our Web expertise: Website Design & Development, Web Applications, Mobile Solutions, eCommerce Solutions, SharePoint Solutions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Web Media. Whether in Greater Montreal or located abroad, we will provide you with our expert turnkey Web Solutions.

We aim to provide our customers with turnkey Web Solutions, while creating an attractive, dynamic and efficient Web environment ensuring that your Web business can capitalize on opportunities and achieve its goals. 


Achievements Baracci Solutions à l’international Davey Awards !

Creative Website Solutions

Today’s Websites need to be original, creative, visually pleasing, functional and powered by efficient back-end Web processes as well as fully responsive as to adapt themselves easily to the various browsing hardwares. Generic web pages and out of the box solutions just don’t cut it anymore for growing and established Montreal, Canadian and international businesses alike.

We understand this and it is reflected in each of our personalized Web Solutions. Powerful Web Applications, socially dynamic Web Portals, reliable eCommerce management systems, SEO optimized Websites as well as large-scale Social Media Marketing campaigns, we have done it all and strive to do more, always!

Montreal's Web Marketing Experts

The web industry is constantly evolving as are your Web needs: your website is your image and Image Is Everything! Our Web Marketing Experts will allow your business to efficiently extend its Web reach to new leads and potential new customers in the Greater Montreal area and abroad. We provide a variety of Internet Marketing Solutions including current and latest Internet Marketing trends such as Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Email Marketing.

Moreover, our Web Marketing team, which includes professional web copywriters, scriptwriters, photographers, community managers, videographers, allows us to go even further by offering tailored web marketing visual content and ensuring that your project is truly unique and inspired.

Building the web since 2003

As a well-established Montreal area Web agency, Baracci Solutions counts on its experienced team that is always up to date in regard to cutting-edge internet & web Strategies, emerging Web Technologies, innovative Online Marketing concepts as well as trending Web Design features, graphics and styles. This is how Baracci Solutions is able to create personalized web solutions that are professionally branded and tailored to your business' exact needs. Baracci Solutions and your web business truly do go hand in hand.

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