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Baracci Solutions will simplify the way you do business by merging web design and development with ecommerce features and functionalities.

What We Do

Web eCommerce Features and Functionalities


Baracci Solutions offers scalable eCommerce Solutions that simplify the way you do business by merging advanced web design and development with web eCommerce features and functionalities. We develop our own eCommerce shopping carts for added security and flexibility and to ensure seamless integration with your eCommerce website’s branding.

Baracci Solutions can develop tailored eCommerce solutions of any scale; from setting up simple online store shopping carts to creating complex B2C and B2B eCommerce web portals, our experience, expertise and eCommerce know-how allows us to deliver secure eCommerce systems and applications to all of our clients in Montreal, across Canada and around the World.

Web Business eCommerce Solutions


Our Web Business Management System (WBMS) eCommerce Solution allows you to manage warehouse stock and inventory, conduct sales and promotional events, set multiple currencies, handle taxes, calculate shipping costs based on weight, manage customers as well as orders and much more.

From browsing products on your website to payment via integrated third party online merchants such as PayPal, WorldPay, Moneris Solutions and 2Checkout, Baracci Solutions’ PCI compliant eCommerce solutions ensure a seamless online shopping experience for your Montreal, Canadian and international customers.

Let us assist you in establishing your commercial web presence by providing you with the right eCommerce technology solutions and the right eCommerce web strategy.


  • Scalable private label eCommerce solutions that simply the way you do business;

  • Manage stocks, inventory, sales & promotions, currencies, taxes, shipping costs and more;

  • Ensure a seamless online shopping experience for your customers;

  • Developed tailored eCommerce Solutions projects of any scale;

  • Secure, reliable and efficient eCommerce systems and applications.

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