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With Baracci Solutions help, your business will be empowered to connect, engage and interact with your ever growing mobile web clientele.

What We Do

Mobile Solutions


Baracci Solutions mobile solutions give you access to a steadily and rapidly increasing online market: it is estimated that there is an average of 217 new mobile web users every minute and that mobile sales in the North America are predicted to surpass $31 billion annually by 2015. However, this web clientele can be a difficult one to effectively market to due to rapidly evolving mobile web design and mobile application trends and mobile web technologies. Our Mobile Solutions are adapted to the various device specific software and hardware characteristics and take into account smartphone and tablet web browsing limitations.

We also develop smartphone and tablet applications for companies who are interested in extending the reach of their business’ online reach. Apps for iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows and BlackBerry that allow your business to penetrate into interactive markets,  to connect with new and existing customers and to optimize content for on-the-go consumers.

Mobile Web Design


Mobile websites are rapidly becoming a crucial element of every business’ web strategy. Baracci Solutions’ Mobile Web Design team is composed of highly qualified and inspired web designers and professionals from the Greater Montreal area that work hand in hand to offer creative, trendy and seamlessly integrated Mobile Web Design Solutions. Our well established Mobile Web Design methodology allows us to ensure that our customer’s mobile design needs are not only met but constantly surpassed.

Our Mobile Web Design process begins with a hand drawn sketch by our Web Creative Director followed by a mobile website storyboard and a mobile website wireframe. We then proceed to create concept art and various mobile website mockups.

Mobile Applications


Baracci Solutions creates high quality interactive mobile applications applications for clients in Montreal, across Canada and around the World. Our mobile web application team has the experience and mobile technology knowhow necessary for the creation of easy to use, efficient and functional mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Baracci Solutions can develop truly personalized, high quality and effective mobile applications that portray your business’ visual identity. Moreover, we can create various versions that will cater to the Apple, Android and Windows mobile clientele.

Baracci Solutions aims to empower companies in Montreal, nationally and internationally to connect, engage and interact with their mobile web customers by helping businesses offer unique and compelling mobile websites and mobile applications to their clients. Moreover, we create state of the art mobile web marketing events including Bluetooth proximity, mobile couponing and QR code campaigns.

Let us assist you in establishing your mobile web presence by providing you with the right mobile technology solutions and the right mobile web strategy.

  • Steadily and rapidly increasing online market;

  • Rapidly evolving mobile design trends and mobile technologies;

  • Offer unique and compelling mobile websites and mobile applications to your clients;

  • Creating state of the art mobile marketing campaigns.

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